The project

«Ny driv på Statland, Norway new possibilities»

Was initiated by the development department at Midtre Namdal Intermunicipal Cooperation.

The primary goals for this project is to find new owners / runners of a restaurant house, guesthouse and grocery store, and to welcome new inhabitants and families to the community.

Secondary goal is to profile the wonderful area Statland for visitors and tourists.
A film of Statland with all the opportunities have been made. And we will run a Facebook campaign to promote it to a specific target group during June and Juli 2018.

If you have clicked on links that leads to sites with only norwegian language, please do not hesitate to contact the person listed there on phone or email. (Remember + 47 for Norway before phone number) Or if you want a quick understanding of a text, use google translate (link) Please contact project manager Rina Skjæran at the development department of Midtre Namdal if you have questions regarding this international campaign.
Rina Skjæran E-mail:
Phone: +47 4000 8275

Phone: +47 4000 8275