Welcome to Statland - welcome home!

Statland is a small town in Namdalseid municipality, which consist of large mountain- and coast-areas and is a favoured place for outdoor life. One of the best grilse-rivers in Norway, Årgårdselva, makes Namdalseid a popular destination for sportsfishing. There are also great hunting possibilities in Namdalseid, with a large number of moose and deer.

The village Statland is one of the oldest industrial villages in Trøndelag, having a strong entrepreneurial culture and many naturally inherent resources. There are about 170 residents living in Statland, and over 100 vacation homes and cabins in the area.

Over the last ten years Statland has been transformed from a traditional industrial- and agricultural-village, into a village characterized by servicing alongside cabin and fishing-tourism.

Here you will find deep fjords, story-like forests and hight mountains.

There is peace and quiet all around. You will meet warm people seeing possibilities and wishing to continue developing their village and community.

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In Statland there is both a school, kindergarten, grocery store, petrol station and an indoor swimming pool. There are many commercial enterprises here - and good opportunities for work - both if you want to run your own restaurant, or work within aquaculture, or at a mechanical workshop.

Namsos is the regional city and lies approximately an hour away by car. Here there is also an airport with direct flights to Oslo and Trondheim among others. There is also a shopping mall, hospital, high school, university and many other things to do.
For more information visit the webpage to the touristinformation Visit Namdalen.



For sale or rent!

The loacal grocery store "Nerbutikken" covers your daily grocery needs and more, located at the best spot in the Statland harbour area.

Nerbutikken AS is a direct continuation of Daniel Ekker AS and established as a trading business in Statland in 1873. The company is currently owned by Kari Porsanger and Oddvar Ledang.

Rina Skjæran
E-mail: rina.skjaeran@mnsk.no
Phone: +47 4000 8275

Kari Porsanger
E-mail: nerbutikken@ngbutikk.net
Phone: (+47) 74 27 93 88


Ever dreamed of opening your own restaurant?

“Fossekailn Restaurant & Strupen Bar” - a fully equipped restaurant-house with all the facilities you need!

A modern and beautiful building with a magnificent sea view from the terraces on all 3 floors, and a small apartment on the top floor.

The restaurant used to have lots of guests that appreciated the exceptional good sushi and seafood, but the owner is now retired and is hoping a new generation will start up the restaurant again.

The building could also be rebuilt into a big house, or 2-3 apartments.

Rina Skjæran
E-mail: rina.skjaeran@mnsk.no
Phone: +47 4000 8275

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Mechanical Workshop

Statland Mek. & Marine AS was established in 2011 by Svein Hågensen, and the company has taken on many different assignments in and around the area. These assignments have come from individuals and companies. Some of these assignments are available under “Projects” on our home page.

Statland Mek. & Marine is working with production and maintenance of all types of materials, including steel, aluminium, fiberglass, stainless steel and more. The company is based in north Statland. There they have two large facilities, one of which is used as production area, and the other is used for winter storage of recreational boats. In the production hall the company has tools for finishing any task in a quick and easy way. The facility has high ceilings and a crane with a capacity of 10 tonnes. Mek. & Marine also wants to upgrade their boat ramp to help with boat repair and maintenance.

If you wish to know more what Mek. & Marine could offer you, you can go to our website at http://mekogmarine.no/.

Do you want to work with us? Send us an e-mail with your CV and we will contact you.

Svein Hågensen: (+47) 456 37 354
E-mail: svein@mekogmarine.no


Avd Statland Settefisk

Namdal Settefisk AS (group) owns and operates the fish plant (Statland Settefisk AS) on Nord-Statland. The plant is the biggest plant part of the Namdal Settefisk group and has a license to produce 7,5 million of salmon or trout to our customers at sea.
Our slogan is: “Your safety for a healthy and strong fish!”

We are always looking for qualified people who are interested in joining us.
Do you want to work with us?

Please contact us at:
Namdal Settefisk A/S
Skorstadvegen 558
7819 Fosslandsosen
Tlf: (+47) 74 28 45 50
Fax: (+47) 74 28 48 35
E-mail: post@namdalsettefisk.no



Available apartments with a great sea view!

Single story apartments with one bedroom. Kitchen incl. appliances and living room. Large bathroom and terrace with a nice view of the fjord. Rent per month 5960 NOK or 6290 NOK.

For pictures and more information please contact Sør Namsen Eiendom AS.

Langvika 2
7777 Statland
Tlf: (+47) 917 23 730


Grand home or run a guest house?

This is a highly exciting property with a large residence of 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms.
Additionally there is a large annex including a conference hall.

The residence has been a guest house several years ago, and could easily be turned back to that.
It is a good marked for fishing tourism and business conferences in the area, as it is situated close to the sea.
This is a stunner!

DNB Eiendom
Mobile phone: (+47) 908 38 008
E-mail: reidar.lindsetmo@dnb-eiendom.no



Namdalseid is a municipality in Trøndelag county, Norway. It is part of the Namdalen region. The administrative centre of the municipality is the village of Namdalseid. Other villages and farm areas in the municipality include Sjøåsen, Statland, Tøttdalen, and Sverkmoen.

All municipalities in Norway, including Namdalseid, are responsible for primary education (through 10th grade), outpatient health services, senior citizen services, unemployment and other social services, zoning, economic development, and municipal roads. The municipality is governed by a municipal council of elected representatives, which in turn elect a mayor. The municipality falls under the Inntrøndelag District Court and the Frostating Court of Appeals.

Statland Child Centre
The Child Centre at statland consist of both school and kindergarten.
For more information.

Facts about Namdalseid municipality can be found at this english wikipedia-article.

Namdalseid kommune
Gløttvegen 2
7750 Namdalseid
E-mail: postmottak@namdalseid.kommune.no
Tlf: (+47) 74 22 72 00


Statland has a very vibrant community, with many activities for both adults and children, some of which are:

  • Statland Sports team

  • Kids Sports

  • Strength training

  • Volleyball training

  • Skiing

  • Badminton for adults

  • Statland residents association

  • Tøtdal residents association

  • Boating community

  • 4-H

  • Active music community

  • Youth club

  • Gun training on Utvorda

  • Volunteer central

  • Ward council’s elder’s coffee

  • Norwegian Women's Public Health Association

  • Church


Local organization for community growth

This local organization promotes, stimulates, influences and contributes to ideas and development processes that lead to activity in property development, work, business, culture and tourism in Statland. Statland Vekst is running the yearly happening: Molo Market with activities, sales stands and concerts.

It is the efforts of all volunteers that makes this possible. The whole community is engaged and all generations work and thrive together. Even if they are residents or tourists, everyone takes part in their own way.

The surplus from these events and activities is returned to the people through support for set projects in clubs and societies. All use of these funds is rooted in our vision to be a driving force for optimism and belief in the future among the population.

Svein Lervik
Mobile phone: (+47) 958 04 965
E-mail: slervik@online.no
Facebook page for Statland Vekst.
Facebook page for The Molo Market.



Gas station and kiosk

We are a gas station/kiosk selling and delivering heating oil, gas, paraffin, fuel as well as a selection of groceries and snacks.
We can also offer a tasteful fast food menu with a selection of hot-dogs and hamburgers.

Oddbjørn Kristensen in Statland Servicesenter AS has been a energy dealer in Namdalen since 2001, and became part of the Uno-X network in october 2013.

Phone: (+47) 74 27 95 08
Fax: (+47) 74 27 95 09
E-mail: sissel@kristensenstransport.no


These are two fishermens cottages situated in a rural, child-friendly place in idylical Ledang beside the Namsenfjord. Each cottage has room enough for nine people.

In Statland it lies on the edge of the pier. There is a living room, kitchen, bathroom with a shower and an attic living area. In the basement there is space for putting away and storing equipment, there are also freezers, washing rooms with a washing machine, drying cabinet, sauna and a cold storage room. On the pier there is set up a gutting table with water.

Additionally in Ledang you will find a wood fired hot tub. The Namsenfjord is a good fishing fjord with plentiful of trout, salmon, pollock, cod, halibut, pollack and other types of fish.

Ledang Rorbuer
Utvordvegen 1106, and Statlandvegen 13
7777 Nord-Statland
E-mail: n-h.kald@online.no
Phone: (+47) 456 31 944


Construction work for all of North-Trøndelag

We deal with mostly anything in the field of traditional construction, such as municipal engineering; roads, water, drainage, plots, mountain work, recycling, asphalt transport and winter maintenance like plowing, gritting and scarfing of roads.

We provide sorted and unsorted gravel and rock pulp, pipes and piping parts and other materials within the field.

Office phone: (+47) 74 27 94 05
Mobile phone: (+47) 908 38 008
E-mail: n-h.kald@online.no